Whom Should Your Inform on Priority about Your Move?

It is obvious that you do not move immediately after taking the decision to move. Prior to the actual packing, you plan for the move for a considerable period of time, thinking whether to move on your own or hire professional Houston movers. Once you make the decision, announcement of the move should be the next thing on the cards, that is, you need to tell the world that you are going to shift to a new place. Although this might seem a very easy and obvious thing to do, you will be surprised to know that a number of people forget to include somebody or the other in the list.

Here’s a list to help you out regarding whom you should inform on priority basis.

Two removal men moving boxes in office, elevated view

Immediate family

Yes, family should be the first priority. If you have children and spouse, you must have decided about the move together. Children will more easily accept the shifting to the new place if you get them involved from the very beginning. So, after you have informed the kids, it’s time to tell the other family members, mostly the people with whom you interact on a daily basis.

Neighbors and friends

To many, friends are also like family, especially your closest friends, so it is your duty to inform about the move at the earliest. Also, remember to let your neighbors know because they might be affected in some way or the other due to the move. A great advantage of telling your friend and neighbors is that if you are not hiring professional Houston movers, they can help you out on the moving days.

Landlord or real estate agent

If you are the owner of your house, and planning to sell it, make sure that the real estate agent knows about the move and when your old house will be ready for sale. In case you are staying in a rented house, the landlord should be notified about the moving date. It is important for getting back the security deposit.


Would you be leaving your job? If yes, give your employer enough notice, as per the rules and regulations of your company. In case you are not leaving your job but simply moving houses, inform the human resource department of your company and make sure that they know the address of the new place. You might also need a few days’ leave for the move, so giving advance notice is always a great thing to do.

4496762Government agencies

All government agencies, state as well as federal that you deal with, should know your new address. This is to make sure that all notices and other communication reach you at the proper place at the proper time.

Service companies

Utility services such as cable, internet, electricity and others are something that we require regularly, if not daily. If you give prior notice of your move to the concerned company, you may save yourself from paying a penalty, while disconnecting from the previous house and reconnecting to the new.

So, as you call up the Houston movers, be ready to inform all the relevant and concerned people about your move. Happy moving!